Sunday, March 19, 2006

A is for .....

(OK - BLOGGER is being a PITA), I'll upload the photos later
  1. Adam - Apple of my eye turns 22 today! This is my favorite photo of him!
  2. Age - Old which is what I feel when I look at him then and... NOW
  3. Anchorage - The Town I was born in
  4. Alaska - The Territory I was born in (it was a long time ago pre-statehood)
  5. Ardath - My youngest sister.
  6. Abbotts - Our last name - first on the list for Telemarketers to call to change our phone service.
  7. Argyle - Don't really like the pattern but love the word.
  8. Air - a refreshing breath, now that my sinus issues are over (Knock WOOD)!
  9. Artist - something I strive to be.
  10. Azure - one of my favorite colors
  11. - A spoken word (books on mp3) that I love - one of the reasons I actually get so many books read. If you decide to try it my user name is dabbotts (hey I get free books for referrals) but I really love the service.
  12. Accumulate - Look at my studio - it needs no explanation.
  13. Attitude - Hey I grew up in Jersey!
  14. Angel - An idea for a new quilt.
  15. Amethyst - One of my favorite stones.
  16. Amnesia - Something which only happens on Soap Operas - has anyone ever met anyone with total amnesia in real life?
  17. Asilomar - The next place I'm planning on traveling to!

Happy Happy Birthday Adam, I Love You!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your son! That blue photo is pretty cool. :-)