Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just in time for Xmas and Chanukah

I drove by a store yesterday and I HAD TO go back this morning to take a photo.
Yes - its legs, arms and BREASTS!
Then I got really curious and had to go back with a friend to see if it had a head. We peeked into the side window but only saw a red fingernail. So into the store we went - The owner was at the rear moving boxes around and as we came in we said we wanted to know if it had a head. In a monotone voice he answered, "No head, wipe your feet."
Excuse me - I wasn't out mucking the stalls or plowing the lower 40 - and who the fuck puts white carpeting in a retail shop?
And more importantly wouldn't you think that someone who put this in their window would have a sense of humor?
I wonder what it costs?

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