Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pandora's quilting

I got to use my table this weekend, and it worked great on such a big piece. I keep wondering what I was thinking - I know I was thinking that Mancuso likes BIG WORK, but... Well we know how big this lady is! This is my first pass with the quilting. I had approximately 300 pins, holding the tulle, Angelina, background,batting and backing. I stabbed myself more than I ever had and I did a really dumb thing - I sewed through my finger! It didn't really hurt too much but I was a little concerned when the middle 1/2 inch of the needle was missing. I found it fortunately! Ok, so what do you think? I'm still debating if I'll do her hair or dress tomorrow night, I'd love to take her with me to guild. Bonnie happens to be the speaker, and Pandora would make a nice show and tell piece! Here is a detail and almost full shot.


kristen said...

deirdre -- she's looking SO wonderful! and OUCH!!!! not so fun sewing your finger! i love the quilting you've done thus far. well done! and that is one FINE table!

tezzkatt said...

wow! she looks awesome!