Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mugging the FedEx Man

I knew that FedEx was going to deliver 2 boxes with my new sewing machine today - I also knew I wanted them put into my car - at 3:00 the FedEx truck drove up to our building - I yelled I was going outside - ran down the stairs and hit the FedEx guy with the door - Me - How many Boxes Him - I don't know Me - well where are they Him - on the back loading dock? Me - You left my new sewing machine on the back loading dock Him - Hey lady I'm here to pick up a package Me - PICK UP? WHERE IS MY SEWING MACHINE Him - Maybe the other guy has it. 4:15 - FedEx truck pulls up (I scream again to the people I'm working with and rush outside)I see a guy putting a large box upside down (This side UP) Me - Hey is that my box? Him - No Me - how do you know - it looks like mine Him - Well are you expecting a heavy box Me - I'm expecting a sewing machine but I'm pretty sure mine will be delivered Right Side UP Him - hummm - well this isn't yours - its for Redington Me - well do you Think that Deirdre Abbotts above Redington on that tag might be me Him - Is it? Me - Yup - Him - well this one is heavy Me - Ok - I'm going to drive my car around Him - OK Drive around Me - I thought that the last FedEx guy had my machine Him - That was FedEx Express - they only lift envelopes He flips over the box - gets it in the car and gives me the 2nd box. 40 Minutes until I can leave..... damn it went slow. I drive into my driveway - just in time to see my darling husband turn the corner on his Harley. Crap-The box is too big and heavy to get out of my car - GRRRR I did open the small box - it has a plastic shoebox filled with oil and stuff - who cares! DAMN :-D eirdre

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