Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pandora's Progress

I have had so many thoughts on a way to get the "Spirits" to stand out - well today I tried a bunch of them. Most were terrible failures and I was ready to give up - but I finally decided that working with Tinzel and Angelina and Bonash should work - I'm 95% sure that this will be the way I go. This is a close up of the spirits around her head - they do not photograph well and I think that taking a photo outside under natural light will help. For now it will have to do. I have used 5 different colors/types of fiber, in the enlargements you can see it better. I think Deb helped with the larger images - thanks! This is a full view - right now there are 2 blobs of silver and gold at the top of the fabric - these might be what I cut the faces and wings from. I think I need to order some more Angelina - off to Find Deb Meinke's website!


Phoebe said...

Wow, that's beautiful!!!

Deb R said...

She's looking beautiful, Deirdre! I love the shiny spirits.

And if you want to link to the larger pic from the smaller pic, all you have to do is place your "a href" and "/a" tags on either side of your "img src" tag instead of on either side of the words "larger image".

Dara said...

This is one I wish I could see in person.