Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More flowers the deer missed!

Last night Tom and I took a walk to take photos of all the flowers the deer missed! This is so exciting as it really is the first year we have had flowers (besides annuals). So hope you don't mind as I go overboard with the images! This is Catmint - which Hunter, my cat, has no interest in at all! This is the entrance to our house. In the near barrel is a boxwood and hosta's - some of the hosta has been munched on as a quick salad break! The far barrel has either black-eyed Susan or Daisy plants. The Hosta Salad This witch is holding up the last of the Iris flowers - it was really nice to see the difference in their colors, I wish I had gotten to take a photo just a little bit earlier - the Cranberry color was beautiful! On our Peony bush we got one bud. It is a gorgeous flower! Here is a close up of the Peony - Not as big as Deb's head-sized flower, but I was still very happy! If you look close you can see a little Ant. We got 3 sets of Lily's coming up - so far one is just in bud, but there are a few beautiful flowers. If you look close on the Orange closeup - you will see that the deer came and chomped most of the buds off. Evidence of the deer! Bright Blood Red Flowers! ROSES!!! This rosebush - came from stock that Tom's great grandfather planted! This is our 3rd attempt to get it to grow. My every diligent husband weed whacked the first 2 plants - just because he can NEVER LEAVE THINGS ALONE! In a year or 2 this plant will have canes and thorns which could puncture a car tire!

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Deb R said...

The flower pics are gorgeous!!
The deer...not so much. :-/