Sunday, June 26, 2005

A New Background

Today - in spite of trying all day to avoid painting fabric - I finally had to admit that I really needed to fix the background fabric. First I found my paints, then I bothered Tom to move his motorcycle and asked him to give me something to paint on> Finally I set up and then I decided it would be easier if I painted in an upright position. I finished most of the painting - but there was a seam in the middle of the surface I was painting on - right in the middle of the fabric, so I waited until the paint dried, then turn it. This background is darker, and starts off deep green at the lower edge. I think it works better than the other background which had the Lumiere paint. Lining up the gold and white Angelina, is proving to be difficult, between it falling off the wall before I get a chance to look at it and trying to remember which is the front/top/back, etc, it was a challenge. I'm not 100% happy with the placement yet, but its looking better. I've also added her left hand and will work on the box this week. Yes Pandora does need the BOX!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Spirit Faces

I got 4 different kinds of White Angelina yesterday - one is and AB finish, the others are green, purple and MOP. In the bags they look a little different - ironed I think they look like 2 different colors. I'm going to try doing the faces of the Spirits with the 2 shades of white. I think I'll cut the leading edge (profile) and leave the rear ragged. They are looking pretty good. Now that I have they on the background I can't decide if I should use an unpainted background - I can add the paint later but I'm thinking the direction of my original paint isn't in the right direction.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pandora's Progress

I have had so many thoughts on a way to get the "Spirits" to stand out - well today I tried a bunch of them. Most were terrible failures and I was ready to give up - but I finally decided that working with Tinzel and Angelina and Bonash should work - I'm 95% sure that this will be the way I go. This is a close up of the spirits around her head - they do not photograph well and I think that taking a photo outside under natural light will help. For now it will have to do. I have used 5 different colors/types of fiber, in the enlargements you can see it better. I think Deb helped with the larger images - thanks! This is a full view - right now there are 2 blobs of silver and gold at the top of the fabric - these might be what I cut the faces and wings from. I think I need to order some more Angelina - off to Find Deb Meinke's website!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I Got a Keychain!

I have been on WW for 9 weeks. Until last week I have been fortunate to be on a downward path. Last week - I was up a pound but I think it was the 2 bottles of water I had that morning before the meeting. Today I got weighed, I was down 2.8 for the week bringing me to a total of 18 pounds! This means I lost 10% of my weight, as well as met my goal! So I got a keychain for the 10% and a gold charm for getting to goal! I still have a way to go, but I'm thrilled with my progress - and this week was in spite of my having 3 large delicious Margarita's, a great Mexican meal and Flan for dessert - Remember Moderation is the Motto (I left a little dessert on the plate!)


Last night I came home and as I was driving around to the far side of the house, where our door is, I realized that the roses had fallen from the hook Tom had put in. I looked in the sideview mirrow and was also shocked to see that every single friggin lily was GONE. Those Bastards came and chomped each lilly off, there wasn't a single bud left on the 2 flowering plants. The 3rd plant still has buds, but I know that the damn deer are reading this blog and planning their next meal! Here are a few photos I took earlier this year - one is from my bedroom and the other close up one shows 8 sets of legs. There were 3 other deer over the stone wall out of camera range. I have never liked venison before - but I am tempted to try every possible recipe - after all how bad can my flowers taste the 2nd time around? Anyone want some venison steak? :-D eirdre

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More flowers the deer missed!

Last night Tom and I took a walk to take photos of all the flowers the deer missed! This is so exciting as it really is the first year we have had flowers (besides annuals). So hope you don't mind as I go overboard with the images! This is Catmint - which Hunter, my cat, has no interest in at all! This is the entrance to our house. In the near barrel is a boxwood and hosta's - some of the hosta has been munched on as a quick salad break! The far barrel has either black-eyed Susan or Daisy plants. The Hosta Salad This witch is holding up the last of the Iris flowers - it was really nice to see the difference in their colors, I wish I had gotten to take a photo just a little bit earlier - the Cranberry color was beautiful! On our Peony bush we got one bud. It is a gorgeous flower! Here is a close up of the Peony - Not as big as Deb's head-sized flower, but I was still very happy! If you look close you can see a little Ant. We got 3 sets of Lily's coming up - so far one is just in bud, but there are a few beautiful flowers. If you look close on the Orange closeup - you will see that the deer came and chomped most of the buds off. Evidence of the deer! Bright Blood Red Flowers! ROSES!!! This rosebush - came from stock that Tom's great grandfather planted! This is our 3rd attempt to get it to grow. My every diligent husband weed whacked the first 2 plants - just because he can NEVER LEAVE THINGS ALONE! In a year or 2 this plant will have canes and thorns which could puncture a car tire!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Morgan's Recital

Tom was able to get the photo of Morgan, while I was getting a video - with any luck we will have a link to the actual performance in a few days

Saturday, June 04, 2005


This morning I should have been quilting - but I was waiting for Tom to put the new motor on my big girl. So I decided to work on a portrait which is part of a challenge in the Summer issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. I had lots of ideas but chose one that is a little different in style from what I normally do. Even with this simple piece, I was trying to decide if I should use reverse applique, or fuse it - or paint it or print it... This hasn't been quilted yet, but I'm pretty happy with the way it looks. She needs a little face lift - the size is 8.5 x 11 - or it will be when finished.