Saturday, May 21, 2005

Slow start - now we're having TOO MUCH FUN!

It seemed to take me all day to set up the frame for my machine. I haven't used it in a while, even though I remembered the part about taping things down , I pretty much forgot about how long getting the bars set up take. I am going to use the $ I saved and purchase 2 sets of poles which I can keep set up. So after getting the furniture moved and the tables set up and the track taped down. I nervously started getting the machine ready - I hadn't tried to do anything, because I was worried about screwing it up. Finally I was ready to load something - oh wait - The tables are on the wrong side of the room, I always used the Juki before and sewed from the rear, but I wanted to have the handles on the front so I could quilt looking at the needle. I was all set to move everything when Tom said, "Why don't we move the couch out?" Well that is what we did and here is a photo of the machine showing the length of the tables. Finally its set up and I have a small piece of junk fabric to practice The blue tape is a guide so I can figure out how much quilting room I have left. The tension knob was really loose and the mess of thread on the back was frightening! I screwed it as tight as I thought it needed - it took a while until the thread felt right. Also when we started the motor hesitated. Tom moved the motor mount out and put some more pressure on the belt. Then we tried it again and it worked great! Of course that meant that Morgan needed to come out and show me exactly what needed to be done. Of course I will need to get one of these cute skirts to quilt in, too! Tomorrow I will do a real quilt! YIKES!

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Elle said...

That IS a cute skirt! I miss my mini-miniskirt days, lol! Morgan looks like she's having fun though and I think you will too!